Monday, 23 October 2017

St Paul's High School

This year, with the backdrop of European Day of Languages, St Paul's High School decided to promote languages through our ‘Language Week’ celebrations. We wanted to raise the profile of languages in our school as well as acknowledging the diverse range of languages spoken in our school community.

Firstly, we made a video showcasing many of these languages spoken by our pupils and showed this at our S1 Languages Assembly.

Our daily prayer was delivered in a different language every day and was accompanied by a language-themed quote.

We planned a different event for every day over the course of the week:

On Tuesday, for our map challenge pupils had to label different countries and we gave out prizes for 10 correct answers.

Our Wednesday event was a language-themed photobooth. Both pupils and staff donated props and everyone was keen on having their picture taken (there were some interesting costume choices).

For Thursday, we had a selection of food from around the world for everyone to try. This went down a treat and the food didn't last long. The ‘pain au chocolat’ was a particular favourite (no idea why!) Bon appétit 👍

Friday was ‘Flag Face Painting' Day. Thanks to senior pupils and some creative staff, pupils were able to have the flag of their choice painted on their faces.

Overall, it was a  really enjoyable week, both for staff and for pupils. It would not have been possible without the enthusiasm of the young people at St Paul’s High School.

Merci 🇫🇷
Gracias 🇪🇸
Grazie 🇮🇹
Danke 🇩🇪
Xiè Xiè 🇨🇳

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