Monday, 9 October 2017

St Margaret's Academy

At St Margaret's Academy in Livingston classes took part in a range of different activities - create an Eiffel Tower with straws, creating posters on language learning, playing French boules, songs, games and quizzes.

S6 pupils visited S1 pupils to give them a taster Italian lesson.  S6 pupils were later rewarded for their hard work with a Croquembouche dessert!

There was a whole school smart time activity which was a video of staff and pupils speaking in different languages and pupils guessing which language they were speaking and what they were saying.

We also held a staff fiesta to thank staff for their support and encourage them to get involved in language learning.

We ran 2 competitions through the week - a Twitter competition where pupils had to create a slogan to promote language learning.  Our winning Tweet was from Isla Keogh in S1:

"Your 1st language is a corridor and every one you learn is a door.  Every door opens a new opportunity, aim for yours to be unlocked"  

Special mention to Alicia Boden in S4 for "Learn more languages and use the advantages" and Rebecca Eyles in S2 for "A language is like a bag of sweets, there are so many flavours." Isla's prize was provided by local Italian restaurant Prezzo, a meal for 2! 

We also ran a poster competition for S2 of which Leena Abbas and Aaqib Baig were winners. 

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