Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Kirkintilloch High School

This year at Kirkintilloch High school, S1-S3 pupils were all involved in a some fun activities related to Languages and Europe.

S1 pupils were asked to use recycled items to make a European Landmarks. They learned about the different landmarks and then made theirs plus a poster to explain what they have made and give some facts about them.

S2 pupils were asked to make a poster about a European country of their choice. After spending a period in IT room doing some research they made their poster where they had to have the name of the country, the flag, 5 words in the languages and some facts.

S3 pupils had to complete a quiz about celebrities and the different languages they speak. They had to walk across the classroom to give the name of 50 celebrities plus the different languages they speak.

Everyone had a lot of fun and we enjoyed the various prices we had received from SCILT.

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