Monday, 9 October 2017

Largs Academy

This week all S1 pupils had the opportunity to take part in lots of activities to celebrate European Day of Languages.

They were able to sample a little bit of Portuguese - Mr McFadyen's samba dancing was a major highlight! We also had Jianxing teaching some Mandarin - feedback for this activity was great and some of our pupils even suggested they would like to study Mandarin in the future.

Pupils with a flair for the dramatic loved creating Music Videos with Miss Mitchell, Miss Lawson, Sarah and Star - the singing and dancing skills were second to none.

Lewis and Mrs Tait were on hand to give pupils some insight into colonisation and share some stories from their recent trip to Malawi. This gave our pupils a greater appreciation of the great work that Mrs Tait and her Charity Committee do for our Partnership School in Malawi.

Pupils were able to put their team building and engineering skills to the test with Miss Gall's Eiffel Tower Building Challenge. This activity brought out the competitive side of our pupils with some great attempts to re-create the Eiffel Tower using only newspapers and tape.

Pupils tested their knowledge of Europe and used their ICT skills with Miss Kerr's Ipad Treasure Hunt Quiz. All of the pupils worked hard to find out a little more about the geography and languages of Europe.

Finally, a real highlight of the day was the video of teachers speaking different languages. Many thanks to Miss Gall for creating the video and all of the fantastic teachers who contributed to make a great reminder of a great European Day of Languages 2017.

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