Thursday, 12 October 2017

Broughton High School

Broughton High is unique. Our students speak almost 50 languages other than English. They bring added depth and richness of culture and experience to our school and for this reason we decided not only to celebrate European Day of Languages, but also to make the celebrations last an entire week.

We held a series of hugely successful events each day in the school where all year groups, and staff too, were involved.

  • Sign Language Workshop for S1 pupils with Sign Language teacher Carole Wallace
  • Language themed assemblies
  • S1 poster competition to design the advertising posters for Celebration of Languages 2018
  • S2 interdisciplinary learning with HFT - pupils learned about the ingredients, utensils and recipes in French class and made the crêpes in HFT time
  • Shuttlecock kicking tournament with Mr Huang
  • S3 careers workshops - finding out about how languages can be used in different professions

  • S4-6 careers event in the assembly hall with 3 speakers - Bilingualism Matters at Edinburgh University, Annie Horsman formerly of Visit Scotland and Kate Aitken, former pupil and international opera singer
  • S5/6 French and Spanish Translation Duel - Higher/Advanced Higher French translated Baudelaire and Higher/Advanced Higher Spanish translated Machado

  • French Breakfast for staff in the staffroom served by Modern Languages staff
  • Mini Languages Lessons - S1 pupils who speak languages other than English taught their peers a little of their languages and culture
  • Staff dancing workshop – staff learned the Cha Cha Cha with Mrs González and Mrs García
  • Bag making with a linguistic theme with S3 class
  • International Music Quiz for all year groups

Many of our colleagues in other faculties contributed with language themed lessons during the week e.g. science did NASA rocket countdowns in Mandarin and Swahili, Maths lessons in Italian, Art and Design explored patterns and fabrics from different cultures, SFL explored the etymology of words borrowed from other languages, Media explored French film... 

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